Treatment of hypertension diabetes

treatment of hypertension diabetes

Vági, Zsuzsanna Putz, Viktor J. However, measuring diastolic Blood Pressure BP response to sustained handgrip is omitted in recent guidelines.

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We aimed to assess the association between the handgrip and the other 4 tests as well as to identify determinants of the handgrip test results in diabetic patients.

Patients and Methods: patients with diabetes DM were recruited age: Results: Sensitivity and specificity of the handgrip test in the diagnosis of definite CAN were Handgrip test abnormality showed an independent association with higher initial diastolic BP OR 1.

Internal Medicine: Diabetes

Conclusion: Our data confirm that the handgrip test should no longer be part of the cardiovascular autonomic testing being highly dependent on hypertensive status and baseline diastolic BP. Exaggerated exercise pressor response is proposed as putative mechanism for the inverse association between abnormal results of the handgrip test and hypertension.

Adequate CARTs are treatment of hypertension diabetes to allow their use in clinical trials and for the prevention of DM-associated complications by initiating early treatment.

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Keywords: Diabetes, cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy, handgrip test, hypertension. Graphical Abstract:.

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